Using the Library

We do not use tickets – you just need to give your surname to the Librarian or Library prefect on the desk to take a book out. Books are normally borrowed for a three week period; DVDs only overnight and careers material for one week only. Sometimes when we are shadowing a book award the books being used may only be taken for a week.

If you have finished with your book you can return it early. If you wish to keep it, please renew it. This is only possible if no-one else has requested the book.


How many books can you borrow?

S1 – 2 books and 1 DVD
S2 & 3 – 3 books and 1 DVD
S4 -4 books and 1 DVD
S5 – 5 books and 1 DVD
S6 – 6 books and 1 DVD

DVDs may be borrowed for one night only or returned as soon as the Library is open.
All books, DVDs and fines must be returned or paid for before leaving school.


How to find a book

The resources in the Library are broadly divided into four areas:

Fiction: These are story books. The fiction section is divided into three: Adult, Keep on Reading and Junior fiction. These are all arranged alphabetically by the author’s surname.

Non-fiction: These are true books. They are sometimes called fact books, information books, topic or project books. These are arranged by a number system. Numbers and pictures are above the shelves to help you find the information you need.

Reference: These are also non-fiction books which generally cannot be borrowed. They stay in the Library to be looked at there.

Careers: There is a fairly comprehensive collection of prospectuses and other careers material available to use in the Library. Some of this may be borrowed.

The school uses a computer system called Heritage. Fiction and Non-fiction can be found on the catalogue using keywords for subjects, titles or authors.