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‘Oliver Twist’ by Charles Dickens

In English in first year at Speyside High School, we study novels, plays and poems. We also prepare and deliver solo talks and group presentations. We visit the Library and we use ICT.

Some of the things we do in first year English are write stories and personal pieces, read a novel and a play – and we can volunteer to read a part in the play if we enjoy reading aloud. We design and draw posters, learn about close reading, and write final critical essays about the books we have read.



‘Skellig’ by David Almond

In second year English we continue to study novels, plays and poems. We also prepare and deliver solo talks and group presentations. We visit the Library and we use ICT.

S2 pupils will have the opportunity to enter national creative writing and poetry competitions. The work of many of our pupils has been published in the past.



‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’ by Harper Lee

During S3, learners will complete work developing their research, critical thinking, and independent learning skills. This will enable learners to demonstrate their language skills in the contexts of literature, language or media. At the end of S3, they will make the transition from the Broad General Education to S4, the beginning of the Senior phase. During the course of S3, learners will discuss with their teacher the English qualifications they will study in the Senior phase.



National 4 & 5
In S4 from May pupils will begin either National 4 or National 5.
There will be an external assessment at the end of National 5; National 4 is internally assessed.
For more information on the senior phase, click one of the following links:
National 4
National 5


‘The Cone Gatherers’ by Robert Jenkins

The Higher course in English will give an opportunity to introduce pupils to texts of a lively, demanding and interesting nature. Language skills will be further developed so that pupils can express themselves clearly and effectively. Accuracy will be expected. Imaginative, creative and expressive potential will be fostered in writing.

You can find more information on the SQA website: http://www.sqa.org.uk/sqa/38944.html


Advanced Higher
The Advanced Higher Course is designed to prepare pupils for University. They are taught in tutorials with far greater emphasis on pupil independence. The pupils study a range of literature including Shakespeare. Throughout the year they also prepare a creative writing folio and a dissertation on texts of their own choice.

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More information is available on the Royal Shakespeare Company website – Click Here
The following sites are online editions of Antony and Cleopatra with a useful word-search option for finding quotations etc.