Here are links to useful websites as described at the S5 Parents’ Information Evening in September 2016.

Scholar – Heriot Watt developed the Scholar Website to support students right across Scotland. Pupils have access to course notes, revision exercise, discussion forums and an on-line tutor.

Glow – Custom built for Scottish Education. There are national, local authority and school resources on Glow.

BBC Scotland Bitesize covers most subject areas and at National 4, 5 and Higher levels.

Khan Academy American website with challages and videos to support learning.

The National Parent Forum of Scotland has its Nationals and Highers in a nutshell series of course guides that explain course content and assessent.

The SQA website has a lot of infomation for pupils and parents. Recent past or specimin papers can be downloaded for free along with marking schemes. The exam tmetable fo next year ca lso be downloaded.

Education Scotland is the government agency for education.They have a page for revision materials.