PEF Strategies at Speyside High School

At Speyside High School, the following additional support is provided to students who are entitled to
access the pupil equity fund.

1. Literacy & Numeracy Support
Each pupil in the broad general education receives additional support from our PEF teacher.
This support is specifically targeted at each individual pupils’ literacy and numeracy skills. It
takes place in appropriate timetabled classes so that each pupil can continue to access and
succeed in the mainstream learning and teaching that is going on.

2. Mentoring programme
Each pupil who is entitled to free school meals at Speyside High School is allocated a teacher
mentor. The views of pupils and staff are taking into account when deciding which teacher
works with each pupil. The relationship between each person is crucial here in order to support
pupils as much as possible in attaining and achieving their maximum potential.

3. Literacy & Numeracy Project
Each pupil in the broad general education also gets the opportunity to work as part of a group
with our PEF teacher, out with their timetabled classes. Every week, in agreement with teaching
staff, pupils work together on their literacy and numeracy skills as part of a team for 1 period.
The focus here is to develop literacy skills such as talking in front of others, taking notes or
creating a report. In terms of numeracy, pupils develop understanding in statistical data and
percentages as well as how to present data in graphs or tables.

All of this work is in preparation for a partnership project with the local football club. Each pupil
in the BGE who is entitled to free school meals will attend a match along with their parents and
teaching staff. At the match, the pupils will put their skills into action through interviewing
players and recording statistical data during the game. This information will then be taken back
to school where pupils will work alongside the PEF teacher in order to create a
presentation/piece of work which shows evidence of their literacy and numeracy skills.
Depending on the nature of the presentation, the aim is for pupils to have the confidence to
present to their peers, teaching staff and parents.